Why do the English love cricket?

It’s not surprising that so many people can’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to cricket. Any sport in which two teams can compete for 5 days and still fail to produce a winner does not look likely to ever have much of a worldwide appeal.

Despite this,Why do the English love cricket? Articles cricket was successfully exported during the times of the British Empire. It remains exceedingly popular in Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa and the Caribbean (to name just a few areas where cricket has seen success).

Some wonder whether the English love of cricket is simply a result of the renowned eccentricity of the English. After all, it’s not even as though England are particularly good at the sport.

Like so many other sports invented by the English, it appears that they have generally been on the receiving end of heavy defeats from other countries.

Part of the reason why 부평 안마방 cricket remains so popular is undoubtedly because cricket matches, at all levels, continue to be seen as much of a social engagement as a sporting activity.

Watching a game of cricket on the television, it’s clear that many spectators follow the game because they like an excuse to meet up with friends, drink beer, sing songs and generally have a good time. Cricket simply provides a backdrop.

Cricket on the village green seems to be played along similar lines. The social aspect often appears more important than the result.

It seems that the slow, gentle nature of cricket is ideally suited to such an approach.

To the outside world, however, the English love of cricket is likely to remain confusing.…

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